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Paddleboard Rental Rates

  • 2HR

  • ½ DAY  (4hrs)

  • Full Day (8hrs)

  • 2 Days

  • 3 Days

  • 4 Days

  • 5 Days

  • 6 Days

  • 1 Week










*Rentals Include a Quick Lesson & Free Beach Delivery on Siesta Key
*Each additional board rental will receive $10 off (must be for a 1/2 day rental or longer to receive $10 off)

Lesson Rates

Intro to Paddleboarding

Option One:  Includes a lesson on how to paddle while sitting, kneeling and then standing!  And then you will enjoy one hour of free play!
$55/per person

Option Two: Includes a lesson on how to paddle while sitting, kneeling and then standing! And then you will enjoy two and a half hours of free play!
$85/per person

Private Lessons:  Includes a lesson for just one person.
$55 per hour

Group  Lessons :  Includes a lesson with a minimum of three people.
$25 per hour per person

Guided Eco-Tour Rates

The Guided Eco-Tours are 2 1/2 hours long.  See Florida wildlife including: dolphins, manatee’s, birds, fish, etc.  These guided trips are a lot of fun for everyone and no experience is necessary.  All Tours are started off with a quick lesson.  (Minimum of 2 people for Eco-Tour)
Eco Tour:  $60 per person


Kayak Rates

  • ½ DAY(4hrs)

  • Full Day(8hrs)




Surf Lessons

When the waves are up, take hourly surf lessons with Nate.  He is very experienced and has been surfing all around the world.
Surf Lessons -  $65 hour

Special Events:  Birthday Parties, Office Parties, SUP Parties??
Call for pricing

Sales:  Demo some of our boards. If you find a board you would like to buy we can get you a new board in a day or two.  
Call for pricing